Thank you once again for your interest in the Steep Slope Logging Conference 2017. We’re working to deliver a great group of speakers. We look forward to meeting you there.

As a brief reminder, the day after the conference, on 21 April, we are planning to run some two groups of 50 field tour delegates to one or more cable-assist logging operations. The confirmation of these tours is subject to weather conditions and limited numbers to ensure all aspects of safety are able to be managed and maintained.

It is not possible to host everyone who attends the conference on the field tours. At this stage the numbers are strictly limited to 100 delegates in total. Prior to allowing you to be confirmed as a field tour delegate we will require:

  • payment in full of $US90 plus local taxes, (we will advise you online when to make payment)
  • confirmation that you will bring and wear your own high visibility clothing, hard hat, sturdy outdoor footwear and wet weather clothing as a precaution,
  • a signed and completed copy of the waiver form indicating you accept full personal responsibility for your actions and safety and will follow the direction of the logging contractors hosting each tour.

Weather conditions have proved challenging to date in planning for these tours. Access on the difficult terrain for shuttle buses is another challenge that we have not yet overcome. SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT at these steep slope forest locations. So we cannot confirm the tours will be happening until we can satisfy all stakeholders that the tours can be safely conducted in the prevailing conditions.

Once we are satisfied we can get large groups of people to the potential logging sites we will confirm by email to those that have registered their interest and the tours can proceed as planned.

Until you receive our confirmation please note that you may not be able to go out in the forest on that day. As a contingency plan we are working with the various cable-assist manufacturers on potential other ways to allow you to see their equipment in action. This may involve a workshop session at their local depots rather than a visit to their forest operations.

Kind regards,
The Steep Slope Logging Conference team